Become a dealer

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for a strong purchasing and marketing organisation for the kitchen sector? Align yourself with KüchenTreff as dealer or under your own name and profit from all the benefits the KüchenTreff concept can offer you.

As a strong purchasing group, we ensure very good purchasing conditions, which benefit every participant and of course the consumer. Through our experience and background, we search for solutions and actively support our participants in developing their ideas. We take care of you as much as possible, so that you have more time for the daily routine in your store. Where required, we provide sales and kitchen software training, as well as training mechanics. This way we keep your company up-to-date for the future.

Advertising options

We develop and plan folders and newspapers for you. You order the desired edition for the whole year (at least 4 up to a maximum of 14 publications per year). Participants who make use of the expenses receive extra conditions from the suppliers that take part in this newspaper or folder.
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Your Advantage

Time saving, quality and security. Automatically online on your website. Banners, posters and window stickers of the action available. Price advantage due to the quantity. Easier and faster sales through recognisability.

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